Selective Chronological History of MaBL/CABL, beginning in 1975

Compiled by Helen Seaton, Sheila Walters, Kathy Zeblisky

1975 Chairperson: Jacque Doyle
March: Luncheon meeting so successful that the group decides to meet once a month, on the third Friday. Decided to call themselves the MEDICAL LIBRARY GROUP OF ARIZONA.
1976 Chairperson: Betty Kjellberg
Jan: Micki O’Connor expects to be in Scottsdale Memorial’s new library by April.
April: AZ Chapter of MLGSCA sponsors MLA CE: Literature of Nursing.
May: Alison Bunting from PSRMLS visits and consults
1977 Chairperson: Mike Widener
March: Discussion of vertical file materials
Dec: Group wants meetings at the Zoo, Sperry, Motorola, Botanical Gardens.
1978 Co-Chairs: Donna Rae Cintora and Jacque Doyle
Feb: Group’s bank balance is $22.74
1979 Co-Chairs: Rebekah Hinton and Carol Mills
March: Dues are $3.00 annually.
Aug: Mrs. Roswell of Roswell Bindery demonstrates book-mending techniques
Oct: Laura Chenet of the Patient Health Education Center in Tucson spoke on the role of the medical library in providing patient education
1980 Co-Chairs: Diane Wiesenthal and Susan Perlmuter
Feb: Group decides to meet on the first Thursday of every month at 3:00 pm (later changed to 2:30)
Aug: Betty Kjellberg serves on a task force to study the development of a cooperative medical information network.
The Good Samaritan School of Nursing Library is closed until further notice due to cutbacks in personnel
Oct: Deborah Graham, from the Tucson Medical Center, discusses Simultaneous Remote Search
1981 Co-Chairs: Micki O’Connor and Marguerite Cooper
Feb: Forms are distributed to collect information for a MaBL Directory. Dues are increased to $5.00
April: The VA initiates a union card catalog which is open to any MaBL member
Sept: St. Luke’s is planning a new medical library
1982 Co-Chairs: Linda Monroe and Charles Nelson
Jan: Joint meeting held with Phoenix Area Association of Law Librarians
Feb: The File Health holdings list is lost. This is a list made up of the journals indexed by Hospital Literature Index and marked to show each library’s holdings.
A MaBL “journal club” is discussed. July and November meetings to be “journal club” meetings
June: File Health list found!
Sept: Bid for the AZ Interlibrary Loan Center is awarded to Phoenix Public Library
Oct: Fred Heidenreich of the U of A gives a program on “Guides, Giveaways & Gimmicks: Public Relations Rx for Biomedical Libraries”
1983 Chairperson: Betty Kjellberg
July: A proposal is recommended to try and get a grant from NLM to develop a consortium or network to automate local journal holdings. Committee is made up of Jacque Doyle, Kay Wellik, and Diane Wiesenthal
Oct: Professional reading list has been compiled
1984 Chairperson: Edith Hart
April: Discussion of CANCERLIT and other special files on MEDLARS
Sept: Committee formed to explore the incorporation of MaBL
Nov: Dues increase to $10.00
1985 Chairperson: Shirley Linert
Feb: 24 MaBL and SABL members meet in Tucson for Electronic Mail Workshop
June: MaBL signs reciprocal ILL agreement with the member libraries of the New Mexico Consortium of Biomedical and Hospital Libraries
July: First meeting about DOCLINE held at Good Samaritan
Sept: Computer meeting: Union List and database software, ordering using Majors’ system and hands-on experience on software packages
1986 Chairperson: Tom Mead
Jan: Tom Mead publishes a MaBL Newsletter with a catchy (and offensive to some) title: “The Bun and Chain”, which serves as a communications tool for MaBL members
Oct: MaBL/SABL Joint meeting in Tucson
Nov: Meeting with Fran Wolfer of SOLAR (Serials Online in Arizona)
Dec: MaBL joins SOLAR. Discussion about forming an official consortium
1987 Chairperson: Rebecca Heller
Jan: By-laws of other groups were brought to the meeting and discussed as a possible model for MaBL
Feb: MaBL/SOLAR sub-group meets
March: GRATEFUL MED training to be held at St. Joseph’s and Good Sam.
MaBL considers new post of “Sunshine Chairperson” to send flowers or
cards as needed.
May: Tour of Roswell Book Bindery
June: Special meeting at Scottsdale Memorial to meet Mayo Clinic Consultant Judy Lorig. The impact of the opening of the new Mayo Clinic on local
Medical libraries, particularly ILL, was discussed.
July: Mary Rhoads of the U of A Health Sciences Library discusses AHEC (Arizona Health Education Consortium). Jacque Doyle presents a working draft of a MaBL By-laws revision. Several names for the group are discussed
1988 Chairperson: Micki O’Connor
June: Mini-MEDLARS update
Sept: Helen Seaton, Edith Hart and Donna Gerometta are on a continuing education committee looking into offering an MLA CE course
Nov: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist David Cooper discusses the concept of Superlearning
1989 Chairperson: Helen Seaton
Feb: MLGSCA/NCNMLG accepts MaBL’s invitation to host the 1991 Joint Meeting
June: PSRMLS Roundtable and a report on the “King Replication Study”
Sept: All day workshop held at Phoenix Airport Hilton on “Measuring Quality and Productivity in Our Libraries”. Discussion of the “Arizona Project” in the afternoon
1990 Chairperson: Pat Aiken
Jan: “Back to Fundamentals” workshop given by Beryl Glitz
March: Lynn Flance and Pat Auflick attend the MaBL meeting to discuss the possible merger of MaBL/SABL. It was decided not to merge at this time. Helen Seaton explained proposed changes in the By-Laws which were later approved including changing the group’s name from MaBL to CABL (Central Arizona Biomedical Libraries)
June: Progress report on the 1991 Joint Meeting was given and a sign-up sheet for committee members circulated. Pilot program for LOANSOME DOC to begin in Region 7 in September, 1990. Vendors from BRS Colleague, Cambridge, CD-Plus, EBSCO and SilverPlatter demonstrate their products
Oct: Leone Neegan reports on the King Research Report on Statewide Resource Sharing for Arizona. An AdHoc Committee will respond to the strategy of the report, not the report itself.
1991 Chairperson: Marylou Goldstein
March: Barbara Peters from “The Poisoned Pen” is a guest speaker. Joint Meeting is held in Scottsdale, March 6-8th.
May: Joyce Barham represents CABL at a meeting of the “King Statewide Research Project”
June: CABLgram is approved as the official name of the newsletter.
Need for a CABL logo is discussed.
Guest speaker Rachael Anderson, new Director, Arizona Health Sciences Library, the University of Arizona, shares future plans and goals for AHSL
July: CABL receives an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Aug: Class: Focus on BRS/Search Service
Sept: The VA Medical Centers change their ILL policy and begin charging for ILLs, causing uproar in the CABL community. Changes to the bylaws regarding ILLs are discussed.
Dec: “Union Catalog” needs to be updated.
1992 Chairperson: J. Katherine Benning
Jan: MLGSCA CE: “Health Information Services for the Layperson”
March: Continued discussion of proposed amendment to the bylaws regarding charging for ILLs
June: Jacque Doyle takes over as CABLgram editor
July: CABL CE Program: “Continuous Quality Improvement and The Hospital Library”
Aug: New CABLgram debuts.
1993 President: Joseph Esposito
March: Bylaws amendment on ILL charges passes
CABL officers are changed from Chairman and Chair-Elect to President and President-Elect
Kate Benning and Jacque Doyle report on the proposed Arizona Health Information Network (AZHIN) project
June: There are many changes in the membership: Susan Harker leaves VAMC; Joan Gesswein of Phoenix Baptist retires and Joyce Kern replaces her; Shirley Linert arrives at Thunderbird Samaritan; Pat Aiken is new at
Steris Labs; Raul Fernandez departs from John C. Lincoln; Lenore  Schnaitman arrives at Good Sam.
Sept: CABL/SABL/SLA Class: “Copyright Law in the Age of Technology”
Oct: CABL Journal Club begins with Jacque Doyle, Joe Esposito, Mary Lou Goldstein, Lenore Schnaitman, Helen Seaton and Kay Wellik as members
Dec: Interest in a para-professional section arises
1994 President: Lenore Schnaitman
March: Jacque Doyle chairs a Futures Committee to explore the future of CABL as a group of individual librarians or of institutional libraries. Lenore Schnaitman takes over as Chair in September.
Sept.: Bylaws changes are approved lowering the percentage needed for a quorum to 33% from 40%
A CABL budget will be considered for the following year
Oct: Helen Seaton is appointed Co-Chair for the 1996 Joint Meeting of MLGSCA/NCNMLG
CABL/SABL class: “Knowledge-Based Information Management and the Hospital Library”- presented by Jacque Doyle
1995 President: Mike Kronenfeld
Dec: CABL archivist role is created and filled by Pat Sullivan.
Paraprofessionals vote in favor of joining CABL
Listserv is now available for CABL members
Mickie O’Connor retires as Library Director at Scottsdale Memorial Osborn
1996 President: Kathy Bilko
March: MLA Teleconference: “The Role of the Library in Accreditation”
July: Call for membership participation in the 1998 Joint Meeting
Oct.: Aaron Thomason designs the winning CABL logo and is awarded $100
Mike Kronenfeld creates a home page for the Maricopa Medical Center Health Sciences Library
1997 President: Dawn Murray Humay/Donna Gerometta
June: Futures Committee has met for two years. The consensus is that CABL should focus on continuing education and social functions which encourage informal networking
Kathy Zeblisky takes over as CABLgram editor
Sept: Program on “Traditional Chinese Medicine” at Good Sam
Dec: Old “journal retention” project is revived
CABL will participate in the Joint Meeting Feb 12-14, 1998 in Tucson by presenting a poster on the history of CABL and SABL. Jacque Doyle, Lenore Schnaitman, Kathy Bilko and Pat Sullivan volunteer.
1998 President: Donna Gerometta
Jan: First CABLgram with scanned photographs
Feb: Joint Meeting Feb 12-14th: “Infinite Vistas: Creating the Future, Celebrating The Past”
March: Cataloguing class at Good Sam
May: MLA Teleconference “The Digital Library: An Oxymoron?”
July: Fernande Hebert retires from Maricopa Integrated Health System and as Secretary of CABL
Sept: MLA Teleconference: “Evidence-Based Health Care in Action”
Dec: CABL listserv housed at Maricopa County is upgraded
1999 President: Helen Seaton
March: Discussion of the impact of new area codes on CABL member libraries
Helen Seaton initiates discussion of developing a CABL website
University of Arizona Library School loses ALA certification but appeals
CE Course: Alternative Medicine
April: Docline becomes web-based
2000 President: Kathy Zeblisky/Molly Harrington
Feb: CABL Member Jeanne Miller travels to Poland and visits libraries while there
CABL members provide information, forms and brochures
March: CABLgram to be discontinued due to lack of news items. Informationto be put on the listserv.
Possible hosts for a CABL web site are explored.
First discussion of electronic journals
April: The CABL Directory is now available through the listserv
June: The Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library provides training on the new web-based Docline system
Oct: Call for volunteers to work on the 2002 Joint Meeting Jan 30-Feb 2, 2002 “Do It Yourself”
Nov: MLA Teleconference: The Effects of E-Journals on Your Library”
2001 President: Molly Harrington
March: MLGSCA CE “Introduction to Web Authoring”
June: Free CABL intranet site expires
Sept: “Holder of Record” journal retention project is dropped
Sally Harvey takes over as Director, Banner Health AZ Libraries
Jacque Doyle assumes a new position – Manager of Clinical Innovation & CME, Banner Health
Oct: Pubmed class at ASU Noble Science Library
Dec: AZ School for Health Sciences, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital are building libraries
Banner Health announces it will build a new hospital on the west side
2002 President: Sally Harvey
Feb: CABL membership drops to 29 from 60; rebounds to 56 later in the year
MLA teleconference: “Sync or Swim: Managing the Flood of PDAs in Health Care”
April: The CABL Directory is now available in .pdf format Pat Sullivan of the Medical Society Library retires
May: Jacque Doyle delivers the Janet Doe lecture at MLA entitled “A Job With A View: Perspectives from the Corporate Side of Health Care”
June: MLGSCA CE on Health Literacy
Sept: CABL members help set up the new library at Fresh Start Women’s Center, Phoenix
Oct: AZ Department of Health Library shuts down
Dec: MLA CE “Digital Reference: Collaborations, Big and Small”
2003 President: Eliane Purchase
March: CABL members hear the news that the University of Arizona Library School may be closed due to budget cuts (it is later saved)
MLA Teleconference “Get HIP to HIPAA”
April: MLGSCA CE: Rapid Webpage Editing
May: MLA CE “Marketing as If Your Library Depended On It”
June: Kay Wellik (Mayo) presents “Evidence-Based Medicine” to a packed CABL audience
Becky Birr and Kathy Zeblisky (Phoenix Children’s) begin work on a CABL web site and logo
Sept: Winning CABL logo is displayed; CABL web site to be hosted by Banner Health
MLA teleconference: “Reading Between the Lines: Focusing on Health Information Literacy”
Oct: CABL Web site debuts
2004 President:  Evonda Copeland
  Held 6 meetings
Feb Mayo  Joint CABL /SLA Program on Copyright Dr Jack Rowe, ASU presenter
Apr Banner Desert  Magnet Program Bob Dent, BDMC presenter
June St Joe’s  “Library as place” Alison Bunting, UCLA retired, presenter
Sep Gateway Comm College  Webcast  “Art and practice of electronic journal, book, and database licenses”
  Retirements:  Jean Crosier, Helen Seaton
Oct Banner Good Sam  “Benchmarking for hospital libraries” Jacque Doyle, presenter
Dec Holiday party
  61 members
  Held MLA satellite teleconference entitled, The Art and Practice of Electronic Journal, Book, and Database Licenses: Practical Tips for Health Care Organizations.
  Started planning for MLA Annual Meeting to be held in Phoenix in May, 2006
  Voted to merge CABL listserv with SABL; to have one statewide listserv (ABL) and two regional ones.
2005 President:  Lora Robbins
  Held 6 meetings.
  Hosted MLGSCA sponsored Wireless Seminar “Implementing WiFi: What to Look at Before You Leap”.
  Sponsored CE class “Finding the Best Evidence to Meet Nursing InformationNeeds”.
  Hosted NLM-sponsored CE class on grants and funding.
  Voted that the union list at PIMC would be permanently dismantled.
Mar Maricopa  Doody’s Core Titles  Dan Doody, presenter
June ASU  Future of EBP in Arizona; what difference can you make”  Dr Ellen Fineout-Overholt, ASU presenter
Aug Lombardi Restaurant—MLA local arrangement update
Oct St Joe’s  NLM grants and NN/LM funding opportunities, Heidi Sandstrom, RML presenter
May JC Lincoln MLA Keeping patients safe; roles of information professionals”
  Voted to permanently discard the old journals retention/holder of record project
  Became involved in the AZ Consortium Meeting on Evidence Based Nursing.
  Scottsdale Fashion Square Health Information Center at Scottsdale Fashion Square closes.
  Work continues on the MLA Annual Meeting plans, including the daily newsletter and other local arranges duties.
  CABL submits a poster for MLA 2006 on ‘Implementing Evidence Based Practice in Hospital Libraries.’  Poster was accepted.
2006 President:  Rebecca Birr
  Became more involved in the AZGoLocal Project of the AHSL.
  5 meetings
  Became increasingly involved in the statewide Evidence-Based Practice Consortium.
  Hosted “Geeks Bearing Gifts” from PSRML.
  51 members.
  Contributed $100 to the MLA Local Arrangements Committee
  Presented Poster at MLA: Expediting evidence based practice by building clinical partnerships, the role of Central Arizona Biomedical Libraries (CABL) in the Arizona Consortium for the Advancement of Evidence-Based Practice. (AZCAEP)”
  Hosted: Moving at the Speed of Byte: Emerging Technologies for Information Management”.
  Celebrated CABL’s contributions to the successful MLA Annual Meeting.
  Bank balance over $3,000.
2007 President:  Sheila Hofstetter

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