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Do You Have a Clinical Librarian on Your Team?

sgimSt. Joe’s Clinical Librarian, Billie White, just had an article published in the SGIM  Forum (Society of General Internal Medicine).  The article is entitled “Do You Have A Clinical Librarian On Your Team?” A link to the article, and the citation is below. 

White, B. (2013) Do You Have a Clinical Librarian on Your Team? SGIM Forum 36(5): 4, 13.

Congratulations, Billie!

Demonstrating Value Through Assessment and Surveys

MISO_DemonstratingValueAt last month’s ACRL conference, there were more than 50 sessions that focused on assessment and/or the value of academic libraries.  While it was not possible to attend all the presentations, there were a number of poster sessions that provided examples of how libraries are gathering information to present on their value.  I focused on several of the poster sessions that had been publicized as focusing on value in the ACRL conference program. Continue reading

CABL attending MLA Boston in (almost) full force!!

OneHealthIt seems like a lot of us are attending, during our next CABL meeting we should have some good reports on MLA.

Here is the list so far.

  1.  Ginny Pannabecker
  2. Kevin Pardon
  3. Mike Kronenfeld
  4. Hal Bright
  5. Carol Ann Attwood
  6. Kay Wellik
  7. Kathleen Carlson
  8. Sue Shelly
  9. Kay Deeney, and April!

We will look forward to hearing all about the fun and the learning!

The Business of Hospital Libraries

From Michelle Kraft’s Krafty Librarian

Earlier last week people on medlib-l discussed (The  perfect library storm) closures of hospital libraries.  They are seeing a contradiction between Evidenced Based Medicine imperatives vs budget and resource demands on hospital libraries.  Some are seeing how the increase in pricing and bundling practices have caused the hospitals to “throw it back to the physicians and staff” causing libraries to close.  I interpret this statement to be that the hospitals are no longer willing to provide monies for institutional support of resources (the library) and require doctors and staff to buy their own resources.

This email conversation is very timely.  It turns out this week I will be in Tulsa, OK teaching the class, “The Evolving Librarian: Responding to changes in the workplace and in healthcare.”  Technology changes, social changes and healthcare changes have forced hospital librarians to step back and really change the way we do things.

Personally, we hospital librarians need to start treating our library like a hospital department and not a library.  I mentioned this in my medlib-l post. I know this statment sounds odd because you might think we do that already.  I think we could do better.  I think librarians not only need to align their goals to the hospitals, but they need to make the hospital’s goals their goals. Continue reading

Welcome to Kevin Pardon, new to CABL, new Website Co-Coordinator

kevinPardonPlease welcome and thank Kevin Pardon, a new ASU Health Sciences Librarian at the Downtown Phoenix Campus, and thank him for taking on website coordination!  He will share web duties with Amy Nadell.  Thanks to our new team!

Kevin can be reached at (602)-496-0487,


Joint Chapter Meeting, 2013, La Jolla!


Save the Date – MLA Spring Webcast (Partnering to Prevent Diagnostic Error: Librarians on the Inside Track) and MLGSCA & CABL meeting

March 13, 2013 — 1:00 am – 3:00 pm


  • 10am – Annual Program Advisory Committee Meeting for Fortis College followed by lunch
  • 11am – MLA webcast
  • 1:30pm – MLGSCA via telecomm system
  •  Approx. 2:30pm – immediately following will be a CABL meeting

 Partnering to Prevent Diagnostic Error: Librarians on the Inside Track

 Fortis College will be hosting lunch that will be served before the MLA webcast – please come at 10am for the Annual Program Advisory Committee Meeting.

  • Both MLGSCA & CABL meetings will following the webcast.

 Here is an intro from Amy Nadell

 Looking for the collective wisdom and experience of my peers, topics to discuss include:

 Surveys as a measure of library efficacy

  • Bridging the information divide
  • Options for formal information literacy training

 As a gesture of appreciation for your attendance at this committee meeting, Fortis College will provide lunch.

 I look forward to seeing you all.

Sincerely,  Amy Nadell

 Fortis College, 555 N. 18th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006, Room 207 (2nd floor in NE corner of building)

Please arrive at Fortis College by 10:00am.

Then park in Fortis College parking area (green area on parking map; green signs in parking lots).

A copy of the Participant’s Manual will be emailed as a pdf in advance to people who email they will be coming to the MLA webcast.

Thank you.

April Aguiñaga, MLS, AHIP