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Molly Harrington – 2020 MLGSCA Louise Darling Award Recipient

We are so proud of Molly!
From her nomination:

As a long-time member of MLGSCA, Molly has continued to support the chapter in many ways throughout the years, most recently as the internal auditor. Molly has served as a leader locally through the Central Arizona Biomedical Librarians (CABL) and the Arizona Health Information Network (AZHIN). She has welcomed us into the field of medical librarianship and is always a joy to work with because she gets things done and has fun!

CABL Virtual Meetings

Yesterday, June 3, 2020, CABL had it’s 2nd virtual meeting via Zoom.  It’s a great way for us to gather and still social distance.  Most of us shared how our libraries are doing and who is still working remotely or working from their location.  for those that are academic institutions, they discussed how students will be using their resources.

Keep an outlook for an email from Janice Hermer how to watch yesterday’s MLA webcast Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Peer Review: For Reviewers and Authors.  

Here are some pictures of the June 3, 2020 CABL meeting.

CABL members tour Taliesin West Library

Special Library tour at Taiiesin West.
Taliesin West Librarian Elizabeth, catherine lockmiller (NAU Phoenix Biomedical Campus), Donna Throckmorton (AZ State Library), Kathleen Shepler (Banner – Univ. Medical Center Phoenix), Cinda McClain (Banner CME), April Aguiñaga (Valleywise Health), Kathleen Carlson (retired), Adrienne Brodie (AT Still), Betty Murphy (Heard Museum Library)

View more photos here.

CABL members spent part of October 30 at the Taliesin West Library with a very special behind the scenes tour.  Elizabeth has been the librarian there since 1986 and established the library and archives.  It was an amazing day listening to her stories about various people she’s worked with plus how one librarian makes a difference!

CABL Group visits Mayo Clinic – May 24, 2019

Cinda McClain, Kathleen Carlson, Syndi Abrahamsen, Lisa Marks, Hal Bright, Sally Harvey, Deb Schneider, Kelley Howard, Becky Birr, {Front}
Kathzy Zeblisky (holding flowers), Nita Mailander, April Aguiñaga

We had a fun afternoon at the Mayo Clinic on Shea Blvd.  Kathy Zeblisky was surprised to be awarded the MLGSCA Louise Darling award.  Many CABL members were in attendance and afterwards we were given tours of the various Libraries on the Shea campus.  Enjoy the pictures from that day.

MLA Webinar April 24, 2018


Hello everyone,

NNLM/PSR will be sponsoring the MLA Webinar (see below for descriptions) on April 24th, 11 AM- 12:30 PM.  We will also have a CABL meeting following the webinar.

Are there any members that can host?  I need one site that has the ability to display the webinar (computer, projector, and sound).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,


Adrienne Brodie, MLS

Liaison Librarian

A.T. Still Memorial Library – Arizona

A.T. Still University

5850 E. Still Circle
Mesa AZ  85206

Developing and Managing a Systematic Review Service

Want to create or refine a systematic review service? This webinar will help you establish the right policies for your institution, market and grow your service, identify needed skills, deal with “too many clients,” and more.

Our Presenters:
MLA is pleased to offer these three webinars on systematic reviews by Margaret Foster, AHIP, and Sarah Jewell, co-editors of Assembling the Pieces of a Systematic Review: A Guide for Librarians.

Margaret Foster, AHIP, is an associate professor at Texas A&M University–College Station and serves as the systematic reviews coordinator at the Medical Sciences Library. She has published twenty articles applying or describing systematic review methods and evidence based practices and has developed a popular continuing education course on systematic reviews that has trained over 300 librarians.

Sarah T. Jewell is an Information and Education Librarian for Rutgers University Libraries. She has been conducting systematic reviews since 2010 and has helped launch or refine systematic review services at two universities.

2017 MLA Webinars

Save the following dates and look for information on the CABL listserv.

▪ January 31 “Flexing Your Powerhouse Librarian Muscles: The Foundations of Effective Project Management;” join Jamie M. Gray as she identifies preplanning strategies and key behaviors to move your project forward.
▪ February 8: Expert Searching presented by Terry Ann Jankowski, AHIP, FMLA
▪ March 22: Grey Literature presented by Barbara L. Folb

Visit to Desert Botanical Gardens – March 8, 2016

CABL group had a great tour and meeting at the Desert Botanical Gardens, March 8, 2016.  Beth Brand is the librarian at the Desert Botanical Gardens and gave us a wonderful talk on the history about the gardens and how the library was always a part of it.  Jacque Doyle gave a brief tour after the CABL meeting.

CABL 3.2016 Desert Botanical Gardens

Pictured: Nita Mailander, Kevin Pardon, Amy Nadell, Sally Harvey, Jacque Doyle, Janene Wandersee, Jamie McCraw, Deb Schneider, Cynthia Porter

2016 Joint Meeting Report


The 2016 Joint Meeting Planning Committee

Published on MLGSCA Link by Kathleen Carlson

I want to thank the MLGSCA Awards Committee for selecting me for the Professional Development Award. It was used for the 2016 Joint Meeting at Stanford University.

Many of you may know that I was the registration co-chair of the Joint Meeting along with Nita Mailander.  I recommended using Wild Apricot for membership and conference registration and the conference co-chairs decided to use Wild Apricot as our conference registration software which created a separate website from the conference website. We also created two separate registration website, one for exhibitors and another one for attendees.

There were 110 attendees at the Joint Meeting and eight exhibitors. Since there were so few vendors the conference co-chairs revamped the conference schedule and decided to ask each exhibitor to deliver a presentation to the attendees. On Thursday Alan Carr gave the RML Update, he said UCLA has been awarded the cooperative agreement with the National Library of Medicine for 2016-2021. The NN/LM will be adding a data management support person to assist with training, LibGuides and digital repositories. Kelli Ham spoke about Consumer Health Toolkit, Kay Deeney gave an update on Midday at the Oasis, and Lori Tagawa spoke about the results database initiatives in as well as funding. Following the NN/LM PSR, there was a presentation by Ovid Wolters Kluwer on ‘Resources for a Flipped Classroom.’

Kevin Baliozian, Executive Director of MLA gave an update. He talked about the transition of MLA, sections, and SIGs to the new Socious platform and website. Kevin also spoke about the finances of the organization and we now currently have 2700 members and 56% of our budget comes from membership dues. He spoke about MLA’s strategic plan that encompasses four areas:

  • What MLA does
  • Education
  • MLA Technology
  • Research

What MLA’s current international presence is and the changes at the annual conference that is combining the MLA’s Presidents reception with the Awards luncheon, and the addition of more paper sessions in the same time frame.  EBSCO, Rittenhouse, Sage and McGraw Hill each gave a presentation on ‘Supporting Evidence Based Practice: Solutions for Libraries in Clinical Practice.’

The Opening Plenary Session with Dr. Richard Kelly, clinical faculty at the University of California Irvine took a look at how Obamacare originally had been structured to provide health coverage for most Americans. Dr. Kelly explained the way the laws have been enacted by Congress and decisions by the Supreme Court have limited its scope. His presentation examined who is now being left behind, what the consequences are of maintaining such a population of uninsured, and what, if anything, is being done to remedy the situation. Dr. Kelly presentation contained a lot of data and great slides. One slide that struck me is that if the United States continues along the same path, the only things Americans will be paying for with our taxes by 2020 is Medicare and Social Security. There will not be enough money for roads, education or defense. Dr. Kelly’s slides are uploaded to the conference website under speakers and presenters.

The Closing Plenary Session with Dr. Pat Brown, Professor of Biochemistry at Stanford University encompassed three areas: freely accessible scientific papers, the peer-review publication process, and animal farming. Dr. Brown is one of the founders of the Public Library of Science ( and spoke about how he and his colleagues went to the publishers back in 2000 to ask them if they could collect pre-printed publications for a database and the publishers said ‘No.’ So they started a nonprofit open access scientific publishing project aimed at creating a library of open access journals and other scientific literature under an open content license. Currently there are seven publications that are primarily funded by payment from authors.

Dr. Brown’s second topic was on the peer-review publication process. He believes there is no effective pre-publication review and says it takes too long for an author to get published. He says there should be a post-publication review that would allow for the comparing of study results and this would identify the studies that are false. The third topic during his presentation was about animal farming and how it contributes to greenhouse gases, poor conditions for animals, sub-standard food products, impact on the environment, and global warming. Dr. Brown spoke about the ‘Impossible Cheeseburger’ and expounded on the benefits and the complex process of recreating the experience of meat using only plant based ingredients. The burger would have to be better than a regular meat burger for consumers to actually want to eat the product. He said the HEME-cell component is what gives meat its savory flavor. Although it appears that Dr. Pat Brown’s talk was unstructured he was an engaging speaker and the takeaway was you do not have to be an expert to make a difference.

There were 13 poster presentations on Thursday afternoon and three paper sessions on Thursday afternoon and two paper sessions on Friday. Please check conference website for lists of posters and papers.

Once again I would like to thank Laura Stubblefield and the MLGSCA Awards Committee for selecting me for the Professional Development Award.

Kathleen Carlson, MLS, AHIP
Associate and Education Librarian
UA College of Medicine-Phoenix
2016 Joint Meeting Registration Co-chair

CABL Elections

Here are the results of the 2016 CABL 2016 Elections, Thank you to everyone for voting.

President Elect Debra Schneider

Treasurer Janene Wandersee