Tell Congress to Increase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Distribution Now

RNs have been experiencing severe shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE) as they work on the frontlines to provide vital care to COVID-19 patients. Tell your member of Congress to do everything possible to increase PPE distribution and prioritization to health care personnel! #GetMePPE

Information is coming to the attention of ANA of nurses being forced to take such drastic measures as reusing masks or making their own from available materials in their facilities – creating unsafe conditions for both nurses and their patients. This is unacceptable, RNs continue to work on the frontlines of this outbreak and should have the equipment needed to safely do their job.

We know RN’s are working around the clock, however  personalized letters have an even greater impact – if you or someone you know has been treating patients with COVID-19 or has COVID-19 and has time to share to share the story, please consider doing so in your note to your legislator.

An online submission form is available:

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