MLA Webinar April 24, 2018


Hello everyone,

NNLM/PSR will be sponsoring the MLA Webinar (see below for descriptions) on April 24th, 11 AM- 12:30 PM.  We will also have a CABL meeting following the webinar.

Are there any members that can host?  I need one site that has the ability to display the webinar (computer, projector, and sound).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,


Adrienne Brodie, MLS

Liaison Librarian

A.T. Still Memorial Library – Arizona

A.T. Still University

5850 E. Still Circle
Mesa AZ  85206

Developing and Managing a Systematic Review Service

Want to create or refine a systematic review service? This webinar will help you establish the right policies for your institution, market and grow your service, identify needed skills, deal with “too many clients,” and more.

Our Presenters:
MLA is pleased to offer these three webinars on systematic reviews by Margaret Foster, AHIP, and Sarah Jewell, co-editors of Assembling the Pieces of a Systematic Review: A Guide for Librarians.

Margaret Foster, AHIP, is an associate professor at Texas A&M University–College Station and serves as the systematic reviews coordinator at the Medical Sciences Library. She has published twenty articles applying or describing systematic review methods and evidence based practices and has developed a popular continuing education course on systematic reviews that has trained over 300 librarians.

Sarah T. Jewell is an Information and Education Librarian for Rutgers University Libraries. She has been conducting systematic reviews since 2010 and has helped launch or refine systematic review services at two universities.


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