Johns Hopkins Welch Library is revisiting decision to close January 1, 2012.

This is what is posted on the Welch Library website:

Welch Library Transition
Dear Colleague,
We’ve heard your comments about the future of the Welch Library and, in response, will take time for a careful review of the future of this treasure on our campus. To ensure we capture thoughts and ideas from across the schools of public health, nursing and medicine, and the hospital, the deans of each school will join in appointing a broad-based, representative committee to look at our opportunities.
On the university side, members of the committee will be identified from the elected faculty and student senates, and from associations in each of the schools, while health system members will be chosen by the hospital administration. The committee will research and reflect on our investments in physical and digital materials, in centralized and distributed library services, and in the best use of the library building.
The library will maintain its current status, with both physical and electronic resources available, until the review period is complete and a new plan is put in place. We will keep you updated about this work and the committee’s recommendations through the Welch website, emails, and print matter in the schools.
We look forward to working together to move the library forward while preserving the treasure that is the Welch Library building.

David G. Nichols, M.D.
Chair of the Welch Library Advisory Committee
Mary Wallace Stanton Professor of Education
Professor of Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine and Pediatrics
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


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