New 2011 incoming CABL officers !

Posted by Kathleen Carlson

Nita Mailander the Director of library services at Grand Canyon University is the new incoming CABL president-elect. She will be responsible for CABL programming for the 2011 year.

April Aguinaga remains the CABL secretary. April has graciously volunteered to serve another two years (through 2012).

44 out of a possible 71 ballots were cast in the CABL election, that is 62%. Thank you all for participating.

Bryan Nugent is the CABL President and will call the meetings for 2011.

Linda Feck remains the CABL secretary. Please send dues and/or fill out the CABL directory form if there are any changes to your CABL listing.

Cynthia Porter is the outgoing CABL president and will be responsible for next year’s (2012) election.

If you have any ideas for CABL programming for the upcoming year please contact Nita Mailander at or Bryan Nuget, CABL President at

Posted 12/6/10


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