Upcoming CE Opportunity

Getting Magnetized: Search and Service Strategies for Nursing Excellence by Joy Kennedy

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2010

CEUs:   4 CE hours

MLA website: http://cech.mlanet.org/node/81

Course Description: Learn about knowledge-based information needs of nurses in clinical and educational settings. Reflect on strategies to meet these needs in relation to accreditation and certification standards, especially as they relate to the ANCC Magnet initiative. Learn efficient methods for finding resources for evidence-based nursing practice via the Internet, CINAHL and MEDLINE. Use what you learn to identify collaborative education and service strategies to improve knowledge-based information services for nurses and nursing students in your organization. Attendees should have basic knowledge of PubMed/MEDLINE.

Professional Competencies: Health Sciences Information Services
Subject: Evidence Based Health Care, Leadership, Management
Course Type: Face to Face, e-Learning, Chapter Offerings – Nursing

Educational Objectives: 1. Describe knowledge-based information needs of nurses in clinical and academic settings, with an emphasis on evidence based nursing and the ANCC Magnet initiative. 2. Identify collaborative services strategies and education opportunities to improve knowledge-based information services and evidence-based practice for nurses in clinical and academic settings. 3. Analyze the 2008 Magnet Manual for opportunities for library services. 4. Discuss search strategies for Medline, CINAHL & internet for information on evidence-based nursing, services to nurses, services to collaborative & interdisciplinary groups, and other aspects of nursing practice as highlighted in the Magnet program. In the 8 hour course, students will conduct hands-on searches and share with the class. 5. Brainstorm new or changed services to be offered in support of Magnet. 6. Identify the librarians role in the evaluation of point-of-care products. In the 8 hour course point-of-care products will be examined and evaluated by the class.

Agenda: 1. Introductions–setting and involvement with Magnet. (Discussion: 15 mins.) 2. History of ANCC Magnet Program, why get it and why it is important to hospitals. (Lecture, 2 online videos, class discussion: 45 mins.) 3. Forces of Magnetism–review Component 1: Transformation Leadership and brainstorm possible library services to offer in support. (Lecture, class discussions: 30 mins.) 4. Forces of Magnetism–review Component 2: Structural Empowerment and brainstorm possible library services to offer in support. (Lecture, class discussion: 30 mins.) 5. Forces of Magnetism–review Component 3: Exemplary Professional Practice and brainstorm possible library services in support. (Lecture, class discussion: 30 mins.) 6. Forces of Magnetism–review Component 4: New Knowledge, Innovations, & Improvements and Component 5: Empirical Outcomes and brainstorm possible library services in support. (Lecture, class discussion: 30 mins.)(8 hour class: Lecture, small group discussion, share with class: 1 hour) 7. Evidence-based Nursing and Nursing Research and its importance in hospitals and to the Magnet initiative. (Lecture with discussion: 30 mins) 8. Librarians responses to the Magnet Initiative. (15 mins.) (8 hour class: lecture with discussion, brainstorming: 30 mins.) 9. Search Strategies for information in support of Magnet. (8 hour class: Lecture, small groups searching, share with class: 1.5 hours.) 10. Evaluating point-of-care resources for interdisciplinary practice: the Librarian’s Role. (8 hour class: Lecture, either demo by lecturer or small groups & share with class: 1.5 hours.) 11. Summation: Collaborative education and service strategies for the library to offer to improve knowledge-based information services to nurses in clinical and academic settings. (Lecture: 5 mins.) 12. Evaluation (5 mins.)

Need for This Course: Class first requested by local group, based on hospital librarians’ questions and needs from rapidly growing trend. (This is not an expert searching class.) Class was updated in 2008 with the latest requirements for Magnet status included with the “Forces of Magnetism”. Class was further revised to reflect the 2008 Magnet Manual and its requirements. Class has been revised in 2009 to offer online. It will be offered online at least twice a year based on need. First online class was filled and a waiting list for second class is being filled.

The instructional methods used include Lecture, Demonstration, Slides, Learning Videotape, Discussion, Brainstorming, Sharing/Self-disclosure, Simulation, and Hands-on Exercises.

Participant Materials: Syllabus based on PowerPoint slides, plus additional charts that do not work with slide format. Additional handouts will include current Key and electronic nursing journals chart, MEDLINE/CINAHL/Google Indexing practices and features. Links provided to articles about the Magnet designation, articles about Evidence-Based Practice, about the information needs of nurses. Bibliography provided. Point of care evaluation forms provided. Two short online videos will be viewed.

For more information on material covered in this course, please visit:  http://cech.mlanet.org/node/81

Arizona Location (instructor present at this location):

Maricopa Integrated Health System

2601 E. Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ  85008

Coordinator:                  R e b e c c a  B i r r

Library Director, Health Sciences Library
Maricopa Integrated Health System
P:  602-344-5197  |  F:  602-344-1944


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