e-CABL Redesign Project Underway

Team: Jacque Doyle, Melissa Selph, Janene Wandersee and Kathleen Carlson, with Cynthia Porter and Bryan Nugent, as ex officio members

Charge (from February, 2010 minutes): to investigate methods for improving communication within CABL, including the website and listserv, and make recommendations to the CABL leadership

  1. Current situation:
    1. CABL has a website and a listserv
      1. Website (http://www.samaritan.edu/cabl/) managed by member webmasters who provide copy; only Frank Wallace at Good Sam can edit and post to it (many thanks to Frank)
        1. Sometimes copy is not posted in timely manner
        2. Sometimes copy is lost or falls off; need to monitor regularly
    2. Listserv (66 subscribers, see below)  is based out of UA and has four list owners:  Currently 2 are from U of A, plus the CABL treasurer and the president-elect/program planner:
      1. Owner= jlr@ahsl.arizona.edu (Jeanette Ryan)  (Jeanette won‘t mind leaving, but it is good to have a Tucson, rep)
      2. Owner= linda.feck@remudaranch.com (Linda Feck-Treasurer)
      3. Owner= jddoyle@email.arizona.edu (Jacque Doyle-Webmaster and UA)
      4. Owner= bryan.nugent@bannerhealth.com (Bryan Nugent-VP)

Email address can be used only by members: cabl@listserv.arizona.edu

Occasional problems with mailings occur, probably caused by list configuration (see below) at UA and/or mail system used by sender. JDD has been working on this; need to ascertain whether it is better now than earlier. It is difficult to talk to the experts at UA (http://listserv.arizona.edu/ as all is done via chat or email.

  1. Assumption #1: We want to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of both tools
  2. Assumption #2:  We may be able to afford to spend some $$ on  website design and/or hosting ; team must develop budget proposal
  3. Step 1 is to survey members to see what their thoughts, needs, and challenges are; the team is drafting survey questions now
  4. Concurrently we are working to identify free social networking (or other) alternatives, advantages and disadvantages:
    1. Blog
    2. Wiki
    3. Other?
    4. Advantages of going to a blog or wiki
      1. We will own it and can keep it updated more easily and quickly
      2. We can encourage individual and group participation
      3. 3. We need to draft an operating manual and style guide
      4. We can distribute the workload among: editor(s), editorial team, member writers
      5. We can learn from others (MLGSCA, MLA, other chapters and sections, etc.)
      6. Other?
      7. Disadvantages of using social networking solutions:
        1. Difficulty for some members to access either, unless domain name is changed?
        2. Disinterest on the part of members in increasing their engagement/participation?
        3. Continued need for member volunteers to act in leadership capacity? And to take on new technology, acquire new skills?
        4. Other?
        5. Next steps
          1. Confirm assumptions in items II and III, above
          2. With the support of CABL leaders, we will continue with items IV and V above
          3. Depending on the survey results, we will develop an implementation plan, timeline, operating manual, job descriptions, and budget proposal, ( item III above, as called for, by [insert agreed-upon date]

CABL Listserv Subscribers as of 8/27/2010

april.aguinaga@MIHS.ORG           April Aguinaga
alexandermerle@YAHOO.COM          Merle Alexander
attwood.carol@MAYO.EDU            Carol Attwood
pauflick@AHSL.ARIZONA.EDU         Patricia Auflick
bacanig@AZDHS.GOV                 Gail Bacani
maritsa.beltran@MIHS.ORG          Maritsa Beltran
Kathy.Bilko@BANNERHEALTH.COM      Bilko, Kathy
brooke.billman@AHSL.ARIZONA.EDU   Brooke Billman
rebecca.birr@MIHS.ORG             Rebecca Birr
d.carlock@SCCMAIL.MARICOPA.EDU    Danielle Carlock
kathleen.carlson@ASU.EDU          Kathleen Carlson
WCoombs@ATSU.EDU                  William Coombs
ecopeland@SHC.ORG                 Evonda Copeland
kdeeney@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU          Kay Deeney
wdoherty5@COX.NET                 Walter Doherty
jddoyle@EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU         Jacque Doyle
suefue.espe@BANNERHEALTH.COM      SueFue Espe
karen.fanning@NAHEALTH.COM        Karen Fanning
linda.feck@REMUDARANCH.COM        Linda Feck
tpfits@GMAIL.COM                  Tom Fitsimones
garyf@AHSL.ARIZONA.EDU            Gary Freiburger
arfrost20@YAHOO.COM               April Frost
molly.harrington@CHW.EDU          Molly Harrington
HHarris@BRYMANSCHOOL.EDU          Harriet Harris
Sally.Harvey@BANNERHEALTH.COM     Harvey, Sally
sheila.hofstetter@ASU.EDU         Sheila Hofstetter
jacquedd@GMAIL.COM                Jacque at home
dawn.humay@BANNERHEALTH.COM       Dawn Humay
LKimmel@SHC.ORG                   Linda Kimmel
mkronenfeld@ATSU.EDU              Michael Kronenfeld
DLabarbera@SHC.ORG                Deborah LaBarbera
jmacleod@PHOENIXCHILDRENS.ORG     Joy MacLeod
cinda.mcclain@BANNERHEALTH.COM    Cindy McClain
jmclaughlin@SHC.ORG               Jennifer McLaughlin
emitche@PHOENIXCHILDRENS.COM      Eileen Mitchell
mreenm@GMAIL.COM                  Maureen Mitchell
LNeegan@YUMAREGIONAL.ORG          Leone Neegan
cnicolaus@SHC.ORG                 Caryn Nicolaus
bryan.nugent@BANNERHEALTH.COM     Bryan Nugent
deborah.opitz@MIHS.ORG            Deborah Opitz
perry.darleen@MAYO.EDU            Darleen Perry
CPorter@ATSU.EDU                  Cynthia Porter
nreedx@MIDWESTERN.EDU             Natalie Reed
mriordan@AHSL.ARIZONA.EDU         Mary Riordan
lora.robbins@BANNERHEALTH.COM     Lora Robbins
jroehrs@CYBERTUTOR.COM            Jean Roehrs
jean.roehrs@IHS.GOV               Jeannie Roehrs
rogers.diana2@MAYO.EDU            Diana Rogers
jlr@AHSL.ARIZONA.EDU              Jeanette Ryan
kathleen.sanders@LUKE.AF.MIL      Kathleen Sanders
DSchneider@SHC.ORG                Debra Schneider
helen.seaton@ASU.EDU              Helen Seaton
melissa.selph@JCL.COM             Melissa Selph
lshell@ASU.EDU                    Leslee Shell
susan.shelly@BANNERHEALTH.COM     Susan Shelly
kathleen.shepler@BANNERHEALTH.COM Kathleen Shepler
Nancy.Showalter@BANNERHEALTH.COM  Nancy Showalter
nsplittorff@GCU.EDU               Nita Splittorff
b.stansfield@SCNM.EDU             Bryan Stansfield
lsteffes@MIDWESTERN.EDU           Leslie Steffes
suzanne.tackitt@NAHEALTH.COM      Suzanne Tackitt
janene.wandersee@BANNERHEALTH.COM Janene Wandersee
Wellik.Kay@MAYO.EDU               Wellik, Kay E.
billie.white002@CHW.EDU           Billie White
r.wilbanks@SCNM.EDU               Robert Wilbanks
kzeblisky@PHOENIXCHILDRENS.COM    Kathy Zeblisky
* Total number of users subscribed to the list:     66
* Total number of local host users on the list:      0

CABL List Configuration as of 8/27/2010

Validate= No

Renewal= 18-Monthly

Renewal= Delay(14)

List-Address= CABL@listserv.arizona.edu

Sizelim= 2M

Errors-To= Owner

Review= Owner

List-ID= Central Arizona Biomedical Librarians

Subscription= By Owner

Subscription= Confirm

Notify= Yes

Reply-to= Sender

Reply-to= Respect

Confidential= Yes

Attachments= All

Notebook= Yes

Notebook= /listlogs/cabl

Notebook= Monthly

Notebook= Private

Owner= jlr@ahsl.arizona.edu (Jeanette Ryan)

Owner= linda.feck@remudaranch.com (Linda Feck)

Owner= jddoyle@email.arizona.edu (Jacque Doyle)

Owner= bryan.nugent@bannerhealth.com

List Description:      Listserv for Central Arizona Biomedical Libraries


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